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Magnetic Separator in Containment Glovebox for toxic substances

This magnetic separator in the glove box is used for toxic substances. The integrated handling system with protective sleeves simplifies the removal of magnetic particles. The removal of the protective sleeve- unit takes place via an endless liner from the glovebox.

The magnetic bars are protected by sleeves made of special plastic. These sleeves ensure an easy removal of the magnetic particles and ensure optimal protection of the magnetic bars. The housing has an inlet DN 150 at the top and a DN 200 outlet at the bottom.

The housing is made of 1.4404 material and made out of the solid stainless steel. It is specially shaped for the material flow and the magnetic field.

The Clamp compounds can be specified by the customer according to e.g. DIN 32676, ISO 2852, BS 4825-3, ASEPTIC in accordance with DIN 11864-3.

Operation: Before stripping the plastic sleeves from the magnet unit, a box or a bag is placed over the sleeve unit. When the sleeve unit is stripped from the magnets, the particles remain in the bag or in the box. The protective unit is slipped along with the bag or box over endless liner.


  • Measuring logs for magnetic bars (surface flux density of 1.12 Tesla)
  • Surface roughness – measurement log
  • Pressure test protocol
  • CE Declaration of Conformity / Installation Declaration
  • Use of the magnetic separators approved in hazardous areas
    TÜV SÜD Test specification EN 1127-1: 2011
  • Silicone and plastic with FDA certificate
  • Material certificates 3.1 / 2.2